About NVX

is an American brand founded in 2011 and based in Louisville, KY. Naturally, most assume our name is based on the initials of our founder, Nathaniel Victor who founded Sonic Electronix in 2000; however, our history and name are more intriguing. Read on to learn more.

Our Vision

We believe our role is to deliver audio bliss and the best possible experience for our customers. Our direct-to-consumer eliminates unnecessary middlemen, hidden costs, and other restrictions that are not consumer friendly. We want our customers to know the absolute truths about specifications, be assured of support through the life of the product, and be able to purchase it anywhere, on time.

Our slogan is “Be envied!” We do not encourage envy, but rather accept that we’re here to win the hearts and minds of the customer, and envy comes with being the best! Others in the industry envy us!

NVX’s Vision of Value
Now that you understand where the NV originates, you may be wondering why we use the X at Sonic Electronix and NVX.

The X represented in our brands is synonymous with the X often used in algebra to mean a value that is not yet known. The mystery of the X is that you can find the value once you experience bliss with our brand. For us, we take great joy in making lives better through what we create and sell.

Audio Makes You Happier

While we are not award-winning musicians or producers, we collectively understand the importance and scientific benefits of music. Listening to music has a profound impact on joy, peace, and happiness. Studies have shown that our brains release dopamine when we’re listening to music. This dopamine creates happiness and when combined with a quality experience with our brand, we’re confident you will arrive at pure bliss.

Separate scientific studies have shown people are not meant to sit for extended periods of time. When you combine sitting with traffic, commutes, road conditions and other drivers’ irritable temperaments, the results can be devastating with increases in stress, anxiety and other problems leading to health issues that steal the quality of your life.

That is why we believe the experiences and solutions we deliver will counteract the negativity of driving, prolonged sitting, and the stresses of daily interactions with people.

The Last Word in Audio Bliss
While we continue to be the envy in our industry, our hope is that others will envy you as they see your peace and hear your stereo. We know that in their envy, they will ask, and you’ll tell them that NVX is the way to go for perfect audio bliss!
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