Five Features You Should Know About N-Series Subwoofers


If you are looking to add some bass to your vehicle, then consider our latest series of subwoofers, the N-Series. This series offers top of the line sound at a wallet-friendly price. The N-Series subwoofer comes in 10” and 12” sizes with either dual 2-ohm or dual 4-ohm impedance. Here are five features to consider when purchasing an N-Series subwoofer.

Rubber Subwoofer Trim Ring Gasket

We care about the details when it comes to our products. Our N-Series subwoofers now have a rubber trim ring gasket. This allows for a tight seal when you are installing your sub into your box. With this feature on our subwoofers, there will be no air pressure passing through.

Custom Stamped Steel Basket

The customer basket on our N-Series subwoofers offers numerous advantages than traditional designs. The open basket design improves the airflow of our subwoofers. This updated design reduces the compression of the motor structure for both improved cone control as well as reduced back-wave interference. 

Ultra-Light Non-Pressed Paper Cone

Our N-Series subwoofers are comprised of fine Ultra-Light Non-Pressed Paper fibers. The stiff, lightweight material offers an accurate bass and rich tonal quality. The smooth, matte finish offers a sleek and modern look for any interior of a car.

NVX Embossed Rubber Magnet Boot

Instead of having a bare magnet at the bottom of your subwoofer, the N-Series places a rubber boot to protect the magnet from the elements. The rubber boot also protects the magnet from chipping and corrosion.

2” High-Temperature Aluminum Voice Coil

The 2” high-temperature voice coil is made from copper wire wrapped around an aluminum former. This industry-standard design is powerful enough to readily handle the cone with strict linear control, yet at the same time remains efficient enough for the compact, space-saving magnet structure.

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