Five Features You Should Know About the NekTek2s


NVX takes pride in crafting the highest quality of sound for your vehicle. Now, you can take our crisp sound technology on the go with our NekTek2 Bluetooth headphones. Our latest line of headphones is just as versatile as your life. Here are five features you should know before purchasing the NekTek2.

All-day Batterynektke2

The NekTek2 is designed for the everyday person in mind. They are made to hold an all-day charge without having to constantly charge them. Enjoy 10 hours of music playback as well as 180 hours of standby time. Charge your headphones for 15 minutes and enjoy 3 hours of playback time. If you want to fully charge the headphones, all it takes is 40 minutes.

Water Resistance

The NekTek2 headphones are a nice addition to anyone’s workout routine. These headphones are water-resistant and sweat-resistant, which makes them great for any and every outdoor activity including hiking, biking, and running.

Comfort Max Memory Foam Tips

The Bluetooth headphones come equipped with our Comfort Max memory foam tips. They sit in your ear comfortably and conform to any and every ear shape. The headphones include interchangeable tip sizes so can get the proper fit for your ears. 

High-Quality Sound in a Compact Device

The NekTek2 is equipped with 10mm drivers that produce authentic Hi-Fi sound. The aluminum body speakers allow you to hear the clarity of the deep bass and clear treble coming out of your headphones.

Perfect for Phone Calls 

Our set of Bluetooth headphones comes with a built-in vibration motor. This helps you not miss a call while wearing your headphones. The motor will begin to vibrate when you have an incoming call. Along with the vibrating motor, the built-in microphones offer clear call quality while on the go. The NekTek2 allows you to both pick-up and hang-up calls without having to pull out your device.

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