Five Features You Should Know About the XLCA2


Modern cars today come equipped with great stereos that include Bluetooth connectivity, Apple Carplay, and Android Auto. Some issues may arise when you want to add an amplifier or upgrade the speakers and subwoofer in your vehicle. If you want to keep your factory stereo while also upgrading your vehicle’s sound, then consider purchasing the NVX XLCA2 2-channel line out converter. Here are five features you should know before purchasing the XLCA2.

Engineered to Reproduce Extreme Bass Output

Here at NVX, we design our digital bass enhancers to reproduce extreme bass output in your vehicle. And the NVX XLCA2 is no exception. This 2-channel processor with active input circuitry allows it to accept speaker-level quality up to 400 Watts RMS per channel. Enjoy maximum sound quality while still retaining the use of the steering wheel controls and factory volume settings.

Remote Bass Level Control Included

The bass knob included with the line out converter allows you to tailor the bass level of any song on the fly. Unlike other brands that usually do not include such a necessary item, NVX wants to make sure you get the most of what you paid for.

High Voltage 9.5 Volt Preamp Output

On the XCLA2 the preamp output voltage is higher than other line out converters. Compared to line out converters with the same preamp output voltage, ours is much more affordable at wallet-friendly prices. One of the biggest advantages of having a higher preamp output voltage is having a clear signal to your amplifier. You will be less likely to amplify unwanted noise and you can set your gain much lower because of the clear signal coming through.

Reduce Bass Roll-Off With xBoost Technology

With most factory head units, you will notice a bass dropoff at higher volumes. This is to protect your factory woofers from being blown. With the NLCA2 xBoost technology, you will not have to worry about any dropoff in bass quality anymore.

Signal Sensing 12-Volt Trigger

The NVX XLCA2 uses signal-sensing turn-on technology. This actually will take the signal coming in, see it, and give you a remote output to turn on your amplifier. This also helps prevent turn and off on pops that you may experience with a basic LOC.

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