Five Features You Should Know About V-Series Amplifiers


Five Features You Should Know About V-Series Amplifiers

NVX is proud to introduce our latest series of amplifiers, the V-Series. Our new series of state of the art amplifiers are both compact and powerful with marine-certified technology. If you are in the business to buy a new amplifier or need some guidance on what the V-Series has to offer, here are five notable features to keep in mind when making your decision.

NVX VAD10001

1. Water & Weather Resistant

Our V-Series amplifiers are both water and weather-resistant with a marine-grade circuit board. This allows our amplifiers to be installed in almost any application, whether it be in your car, truck, or boat.

2. CEA-2006 Compliant Class-D Amplifier

The NVX V-Series Class-D amplifiers are CEA-2006 compliant, meaning they produce less heat, draw fewer currents, and are more efficient than any other Class-AB circuitry. 

3. 3-Way Protection Circuitry

All of our amplifiers in this series are all designed with built-in 3-way circuitry protection. This feature provides longevity to your amplifier as well as your system as a whole. It will not protect your amplifier, but your speakers by offering a number of protections including thermal, overload, and short speaker protection.


4. More compact than the rest of the competition

Our new V-Series amplifiers are more compact in size compared to the competition. This includes three microsized amplifiers, which are roughly the size of a dollar bill for comparison. Although they are our smallest amplifiers in the V-Series, they offer a large punch, having the ability to send up to 500W of true RMS power. The rest of the amplifiers in this series are still smaller than the other amps in the same class, allowing for a seamless application and installation. 

5. Platinum covering on low-level inputs and terminals

All of our models in the V-Series amplifiers have the same sleek endcaps and inputs. They all have platinum-plated coverings on low-level inputs and terminals. This allows for a super clean install as well as protection from rust build-up and corrosion.  

When you are ready to buy our V-Series amplifier, please use our buying guide on our website to see which amp is going to work for you. 

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