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NVX 100% OFC Wire Installation Kits for Amplifiers and Big 3 Installs (Video)


NVX Wire Kits Video

Video Transcript

Hey, it's Nathan with NVX. Taking a look at all of our cable and wire kits we have, which is a wide array of wire kits. 0 gauge, 4 gauge, 8 gauge, comes with your amp kits, you can get them with RCA interconnects, you can get them with speaker wire, without the RCAs or speaker wire. All different sizes, it's pretty much anything you need we have a package for you. It comes as a complete package, all the way down to the screws, the wire loom, the wire ties. Everything you need to be able to make a good clean install. All of our wire, the 0, 4 and 8 everything is OFC pure copper, tin copper so you're getting a good quality wire. Everything exceeds the AWG standard so you're getting the correct gauge wire, not just a bunch of insulation. Really helps to cut down the resistance in your electrical system, it comes through and it's going to allow you to be able to put the power to your amp, where you need it most. The complete amplifier install kit comes with beefy ring terminals, it's not the cheap ones that you see in a lot of kits. They come pre terminated on the one end on the big 3 kit so it's a very easy install. Again, I'm Nathan, you can find more information on these wire kits and our entire line at NVX.com.

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