NVX QBUS8v2 8" Low Profile Car Subwoofer (Video) - NVX
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NVX QBUS8v2 8" Low Profile Car Subwoofer (Video)


NVX QBUSv2 under the seat subwoofer Video

Video Transcript

The QBUS8v2 by NVX is a fully-contained subwoofer system featuring an eight inch subwoofer and a high-efficiency class D amplifier. Designed for the person who wants to add tight, crisp bass to their audio system, but doesn't wanna take up space with bulky subwoofer enclosures and amplifiers. The QBUS8v2 is constructed with an attractive black aluminum chassis that will match most vehicle interiors, and its extremely slim profile means it can easily be hidden out of sight underneath most vehicle seats, leaving valuable cargo space. The QBUS8v2 delivers 100 Watts RMS to the eight inch subwoofer, perfectly complimenting your car audio system by filling in the missing bass frequencies. The included remote bass knob and variable bass boost give you added control to fine tune the base to your liking. Equipped with RCA and high level inputs, the QBUS8v2 is compatible with both stock and aftermarket car audio systems, making it the perfect bass solution for any application. And because the unit is self-contained, installation is a breeze. Just connect power, ground, and signal, and you're ready to enjoy your music. If you don't need to shake the earth, but instead would like to round out your audio system with clean-sounding bass, look no further than the QBUS8v2 by NVX. To learn more, visit us at NVX.com.

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