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NVX RCA N, V, X Series Interconnect Cables (Video)


NVX RCA Interconnect Cables Video

Video Transcript

Hey it's Nathan at NVX, takin' a look at our RCA line up today. Three different series. Your N-series, which is our entry level. The V-series, which if you mid-level. And then the X, which is our flagship level. We have everything from like a .25 meter all the way up to really be able to give you that compact size and not add to the rat's nest in there. To make a good clean install. They're perfect for stacking, strapping, or connecting your amps. That .25 meters makes it real easy, real clean install. If you need the male to female, female to male Y-connectors, those come in a two or four channel. So we pretty much have anything covered that you're gonna need in your install. Dual injection, nickel plated split RCA ends on the V-series. Then you get into like a satin chrome finish on the X-series. All of them are a hundred percent silver, tin, oxygen free copper. So a really high quality copper RCA cable. Very flexible with a PVC insulation. Again, I'm Nathan at NVX. You can find more information on our RCA line up and our full line at NVX.com

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