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NVX Sound Dampening (Video)


NVX Sound Dampening Video

Video Transcript

Introducing NVX Audio sound dampening, your solution in getting a better sound in your car, truck, SUV or any other type of vehicle you may have. There are many benefits to installing the sound dampening in your car. First, greater sound dampening. NVX Audio offers greater sound dampening than the competition because it is thicker, up to 35% thicker. Second, vibration reduction. Vibrating panels cause annoying rattles that can interfere with sound waves produced by your speaker. Once, applied NVX sound dampening reduces rattles and interference by strengthening panels and absorbing vibration. Listen to the difference in this bell demonstration using NVX Audio sound dampening. Third, simple installation. Just peel off the back of the sound dampening and adhere it to the prepared surface. Roll along the aluminum backing to firmly stick and form the material to the desired area of the vehicle. NVX Audio sound dampening kits are available in many different sizes, guaranteed to be the perfect fit for your car. For more information, visit nvx.com.

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