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NVX True OFC Amplifier Installation Kits (Video)


NVX Amp Kits Video

Video Transcript

NVX offers a wide selection of high quality amplifier installation kits that are designed to give you the best performance and a straight forward installation. Each kit includes our extremely flexible and durable NV flex power and ground wire made from 100% oxygen free virgin copper. To give our wire unmatched current flow and a clean look, it's silver tinned and shielded in a sharp blue and gray finish. To ensure maximum power delivery all wires are stuffed with more copper than required by the Consumer Electronics Association. Seamless crimped ring terminals are also included to help cut down on your installation time. The included hardware is made from solid brass that's satin plated and designed for easy installation, excellent power transfer and long lasting performance. All of our amp kits include a remote lead wire for your amplifier and other accessories to help make the installation easier. Complete amplifier installation kits also include RCA interconnect cables with twisted pair construction designed for optimal signal transfer. Nearly all kits include full spec low noise speaker wire with an easy to install jacket. The kits are available in eight gauge, four gauge and ought gauge so you can be sure to find the right kit for your power requirements. And to make picking your installation kit even easier single amp or dual amp kits are available as well as options for power only or complete kits with signal accessories. Give you amplifier the power it deserves with an NVX amplifier installation kit. For more information or to find a dealer near you visit nvx.com

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