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NVX VC-Series Car Subwoofers (Video)


NVX VC-Series Subwoofers Video

Video Transcript

Nathan with NVX Audio here. Well, I have the VCW-10 Subwoofer. This is our VC series of subs. This is our SPL line of subs. It's a beefier, heavier sub. You can tell by the actual heavy-duty die-cast aluminum basket that's on it. By far, our most popular line of subs. Available in a 10, a 12 and a 15. All those are available in a dual-two or dual-four ohm, which gives you a lot of options when you're looking at amps to run in your setup. The 10's rated at 750 watts RMS. The 12 and the 15 are rated at 1,000 watts RMS. Has a pressed paper comb with a fiberglass weave, and then you see that comes into the high-roll surround that comes through with a nylon stitching. So, it's gonna be able to handle that Excursion you're gonna be getting. It also comes with a 2 1/2" voice coil on the 10, on your 12 and 15, you're gonna get a 3" voice coil. Again, these are the VC series subwoofers. More towards the bass side, still a good sound quality, but if you're looking for that daily bass, or even a little SPL bass, this is definitely the sub for you. Again, I'm Nathan with NVX. You can find all the details on this sub, and our full line at NVX.com.

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