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NVX XBTL6 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones (Video)


NVX XBTL6 Headphones Video

Video Transcript

Hey, it's Nathan at NVX. Today we have our  NVX XBTL6, our on-ear bluetooth headphone. This is actually my personal pair for myself. I love these things, I use them for all my travel. They're very comfortable. You can wear these all day and most of the time you don't even notice that they're on. They have a heat-sensitive, low rebound foam memory padding. Wrapped in a comfortable, flexible protein leather, so it actually does conform to your ear. And actually for it to be an on-ear and to be as comfortable as it is, it has a great amount of bass. It's not what you usually expect out of an on-ear headphone. Connection is simple with your bluetooth. All the buttons track forward, track back, volume, pause, play is all push button on the side of your headphones. The sound is awesome on 'em. They come with large 40mm neo drivers, which helps bring out the depth and dimension of the music. The way the artist wanted you to actually hear it. It has a balanced, detachable cable with gold-plated connectors. 32 impedance is compatible with portable devices and really excels with amplification. Again, I love these things. It works great on the plane. It makes traveling enjoyable. Very nice set of headphones. Again, I'm Nathan with NVX. You can find more information on our full headphone line-up at nvx.com.

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