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NVX X-Series Car Speakers for Audiophiles (Video)


NVX X-Series Speakers Video

Video Transcript

The X-series is the ultimate audio file speaker and had been engineered from the ground up to deliver rich, crisp sound which is unmatched in today's market. From the very first note, the X-series speakers commands your attention and doesn't let go. The Tweeter, Woofer and Crossover are each the product of countless hours of research and development and the decades of experience our engineers bring to the table. World renowned NVX engineers Frank Nielsen, Ulrich Schmid and Enrique Stiles worked with exacting attention and passion to create the most exciting new component speaker system to hit the market in years. The X-series Tweeter was designed to bring the staging and feel of a live musical performance to the confines of a car interior. To give you the best quality sound with the less than ideal speaker locations in most cars, we utilized the most advanced techniques at loud speaker design. The wide silk dome Tweeter features a unique dimple and ring radiator design which enhances the dispersion and clarity of the sound. The robust housing allows the Tweeter to effectively play lower frequencies which results in a more seamless transition from the mid-woofers and raised the sound stage for improved imaging. To complement the rich detail of the Tweeter, we constructed our Mid-woofer from a custom Egyptian papyrus pulp fiber blend which provides a smooth natural tone with exceptional accuracy. The X-series Mid-woofer features a copper shorting sleeve on the pole piece which helps improve power handling, linear movement, high-end extension and more by absorbing changes in electrical inductance. Our woofer offers crisp, dynamic mids to complement the warmth and precision of the Tweeter. To tie the system together, our custom Crossover Network is tailored specifically for in-vehicle use. A myriad of measurements and tests were conducted inside vehicles to optimize your music for breathtaking in-car performance. To further enhance the sound, we added an Off-Axis Tweeter Boost to compensate for the natural roll-off of high notes. Finally, the X-series components would not be complete without the unparalleled level of protection your system receives with the innovative high-fidelity Tweeter protection and short circuit protection technologies. For the ultimate sound quality and innovation, look no further than the X-series from NVX.

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