The Difference Between Component and Coaxial Speakers


Whether you are looking to replace your current factory speakers or wondering what type of speakers are in your car, it is important to know the different types of speakers on the market. Most cars will either have component speakers or coaxial speakers. If you have trouble telling these speakers, this post will help you differentiate the two.

nvx nsp4

Coaxial Speakers

One of the most common speakers on the market and already installed in most vehicles are coaxial speakers. These speakers also called full-range speakers are used primarily because they save space and save money. Coaxial speakers combine multiple drivers all in one speaker. They are cheaper than component speakers and provide for an easy installation. The NVX NSP4 produces a warm treble sound thanks to the 20 mm silk dome tweeter. This material is usually reserved for premium component speakers. The light yet sturdy polypropylene cone produces accurate mid-bass with a punch. Check out our V-Series and N-Series coaxial speakers, which come in various sizes perfect for any fit and every vehicle.

Component Speakers

If you are willing to spend a little extra money and have more customization with your sound, then component speakers are the ones for you. They are broken down into multiple sets including subwoofers, mid-range speakers, and tweeters. With the separation of these items, you get to customize what sound is most important for you in your vehicle. When purchasing component speakers, however, consider the crossover for them. Coaxial speakers already have a built-in crossover. With component speakers, you will have to buy an external crossover so the correct frequencies can pass through the correct units. The NVX VSP525KIT features 5.25" component woofers and 25mm Silk dome tweeters, along with a powerful crossover at an affordable price. They are crafted and designed from the most durable material. This optimizes SPL and minimizes distortion.

Whatever speaker you consider purchasing, considering shopping with us at NVX. Check out our website for all your speaker needs and if you are looking to install your coaxial speakers, check out our blog on the topic. 

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