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Introduction to NVX Speakers

Introduction to NVX Speakers

American designed and engineered, NVX has committed themselves to creating a line of speakers that caters to any level of audiophile. From the first time installer to the longtime gear head, our company has developed a series of audio equipment to suit your power needs and your budget.

N-Series Car Speakers

The first installation of speakers, the N-Series was developed as more than an OEM upgrade solution. This entry level, budget-friendly series brings features beyond its price – raising the bar for other beginner speakers on the market. 

A stamped steel basket holds together the polypropylene cone and nitrile butadiene rubber surround for a rich treble and warmth. The basket is more rugged than plastic, so it can handle the rattles of the road while protecting the driver. The PP cone is popular for its low distortion playback and inability to absorb moisture. 

The speaker is complimented by a silk dome tweeter for a smooth auditory experience all powered by a ferrite magnet, a heat and corrosion resistant material that can combat the pull from other magnetic fields. Making them the most economical choice for powering speakers. 

Designed with durability and sound quality in mind, the N-Series outranks other “beginner” speakers. 

V-Series Car Speakers

The most versatile in the catalog, the V-Series speakers come in 4”, 5.25”, 6”, 6.5”, 6x8”, and 6x9”, 4-Ohm coaxials, as well as component sets. NVX has recently released 2-Ohm designs in 6.5” and 6x9” for a no-brainer OEM swap to utilize the most power from the factory head unit. 

No matter the configuration, the V-Series are constructed with a PP cone and NBR surround, like its N-Series counterparts, that are complemented with a silk dome tweeter and a set of crossover networks to complement the roll-off to the mid woofers.

In most speakers, the tinsel leads that run to the magnet are floating in open space. NVX has woven them, glued and stitched, in the grooves of the spider to prevent wires from coming undone. 

The high temp voice coil provides exceptional current distribution as it capaby dispels heat. Combined with the V-Series’ high sensitivity rating, these speakers maintain crisp notes and the ideal soundstage as it makes the most of its available energy. 

For anyone looking for a step up in their car audio, but aren’t ready to commit to a higher price point – the V-Series will outperform any competitor on the shelf.

X-Series Car Speakers

The cream of the crop in the NVX line, the X-Series builds on all the choice features seen in the N- and V-Series speakers. The PP cone has been swapped for carbon fiber material for a controlled, detailed sound that helps reproduce those lower frequencies. A pair of crossovers clear out any remnant distortion as the signal travels to the midwooder or German made tweeter. In the X-Series, the spider has glued and screwed down onto the basket which not only keeps the driver in-line, but makes for more realistic audio. 

The quality materials, construction and cost distinguishes the X-Series from other “top” speaker competitors. 

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