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Can I Connect a Subwoofer To My Factory Radio?

Can I Connect a Subwoofer To My Factory Radio?

If you already have a great infotainment system from the factory but are looking to further enhance your car audio experience, adding a subwoofer might be the perfect option. It will add some much-needed depth to your sound system.

You can connect an aftermarket subwoofer to a factory radio, but requires a few more additional steps than connecting to the stereo’s speaker outputs. 

The first thing you will need to purchase in addition to your new subwoofer is a monoblock amplifier. This is what you will need to supply your sub with enough power to do its job. NVX also manufactures powered subwoofers which come with a built-in amp.

You will also need an amp kit to run power from your car battery to the amplifier itself. That kit includes everything you will need including wires and cables such as RCAs, speaker wire, and remote wire.

To learn how to connect a subwoofer to an amplifier, as well as a powered sub, visit our post on the subject.

What Is Bass Roll-off and How do I Prevent It?

Now, if you were to install an aftermarket amplifier and subwoofer, the bass would sound good to a point, plateau, then fall flat on its face. This is also referred to as bass roll-off.

 In a circumstance where you are exclusively using factory components, bass roll-off actually protects your factory system. The factory head unit knows the limitations of the factory speakers and if you keep increasing the volume, the bass eventually rolls off to prevent you from blowing any speakers or subwoofers. 

To prevent bass roll-off with your aftermarket subwoofer you will also need a line output converter (also known as a LOC) like the NVX XLCA2. Line output converters have built-in technology that was designed to overcome that bass roll-off caused by your factory stereo. 

For more information on How to Install a Line Output Converter, visit our post on the subject.

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