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What to Know about the V-Series Amplifiers

What to Know about the V-Series Amplifiers

NVX is proud to introduce our latest series of amplifiers, the V-Series. These state of the art amplifiers are both compact and powerful with marine-certified technology. 

Made to be water and weather-resistant with a marine-grade circuit board – these amplifiers can be utilized for any vehicle. Whether it’s your A-to-B driver or the UTV out in the garage. 

The NVX V-Series Class-D amplifiers are CEA-2006 compliant, meaning they produce less heat, draw fewer currents, and are more efficient than any other Class-AB circuitry.  All of our amplifiers in this series are all designed with built-in 3-way circuit protection. This feature provides longevity to your amplifier and to your system as a whole from thermal, overload, and short speaker protection.

All of our models in the V-Series amplifiers have the same sleek endcaps and inputs. They all have platinum-plated coverings on low-level inputs and terminals. This allows for a super clean install as well as protection from rust build-up and corrosion. 

The V-Series includers a line of micro-sized amplifiers, which are roughly the size of a dollar bill. Although they are our smallest amplifiers in the series, they offer a large punch, having the ability to send up to 500W of true RMS power. The rest of the amplifiers in this series are still smaller than the other amps in the same class, allowing for a seamless application and installation.

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