NVX Sound Damping

Contain the power

  • Eliminates Road Noise
  • 2.3mm (90.55mil) thick for better performance
  • Increases SPL
  • Four-Step Peel and Stick Installation
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Benefits of Sound Damping

Sound damping material is key to reducing the rattles and shakes in your car. It effectively reduces the amount of road noise that is let in through the thin panels of your vehicle. It also lessens vibrations that are created by playing music through your speakers. It works by adding weight to the desired panel, which lowers the resonating frequency. You will notice by adding this material to your car, your sound system will likely get noticeably louder. If you have subwoofers, this is the perfect add-on for your vehicle. With the NVX sound deadening, rattles and vibrations will be a thing of the past. These kits offer sizes ranging from just 2 square feet up to 40 square feet with a number of different sizes in between.

Up to 30% Thicker Than the Competition

These sound deadening sheets are 2.3mm thick, that’s about 30% thicker than other well-known manufacturers. All NVX sound damping kits have multiple layers including a 100% butyl rubber top layer, an aluminum layer for rigidity, and an adhesive backing for a quick and easy install. They are also all packaged with a protective sheet to preserve the adhesive layer.


Reduce Road Noise

Have you ever been inside a luxury car with little to no road noise or rattles? Our sound damping material was created to help you achieve those same results in any vehicle.

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