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We receive a lot of requests for NVX sponsorships. We do not give product away for free, so please do not waste your time or ours if that is all you want. You will have to submit a sponsorship proposal to be considered for sponsorship, so if you do not plan on submitting a proposal then please do not waste your time or ours. Hey, I will run stickers on my car and go to shows if you give me a bunch of audio stuff...........This is not a sponsorship proposal. This is asking for a hand out while doing nothing to earn it, so please hit up the other companies if this is all you have going for you. 

Over half of our staff here at NVX are Military Veterans, so just because you served/are serving is not a reason to get sponsored. We do offer military discounts though, so just hit up our sales team at sales@NVX.com for your military discount. 

Because you are broke and do not have money to buy the audio products you want is not a good reason to get sponsored. We are not in business to be your hand out. If you are broke and you are looking for a job, then just email us at info@nvx.com because we are always looking for qualified people. 

If you have a sponsorship proposal, plan, vehicle, and are motivated to do the work, then please by all means submit your information for sponsorship. We are more than happy to help those that are well deserving and have worked to make their plans come together. We love to support the industry and other industries when given the opportunity. 

You can submit your sponsorship proposal however works best for you. We have received documents, youtube videos, facebook submissions, and many other versions. This is your way to show us you are serious and also show your creative mindset. If your proposal gives us that wow factor, and sets itself apart from the rest, then it makes the process a lot easier and faster. So, if you are serious about this, then what are you waiting for? You can send your inquiry in here, or just email us at marketing@nvx.com.

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