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XBBR2 | 2-Channel Bass Restoration Processor and Line Output Converter with Impedance Matching and Remote Level Control

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• Active 2-channel bass restoration processor
• Parametric Bass Controls
• Up to 9.5 Volts of output
• Load selection switch (20, 60, or 20K ohms)
• Remote bass level control included
• Preamp and speaker-level inputs
• Auto turn-on
• LED Clip indicator

Designed for Factory and Aftermarket Stereos

NVX's X-Series line output converters and Bass Restoration Processor are designed to improve the audio and technology features of modern vehicles. These top-of-the-line processors help provide an audiophile-level listening experience with their noise isolation technology and impressive input power capabilities. They also allow you to further fine-tune your audio system with the enhanced Parametric Bass Controls.

Many newer factory car stereos are now coming packed with more and more features and finding compatible dash kits can be difficult. Many factory stereos now come with large touchscreens, hands-free Bluetooth, and even in some cases Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. These features are great until you start adding aftermarket amplifiers, speakers, and subwoofers. NVX X-Series line output converters allow you to keep your factory car stereo and upgrade the other pieces in your system without having any sort of loss in audio quality or distortion.

Add Bass to Your System

With typical factory head units installed you will hear a noticeable drop off in bass at higher volumes. This is done to protect your factory speakers from being blown; however, this bass becomes even more prevalent when using the factory head unit with aftermarket amplifiers and woofers. With the Adjustable Parametric Bass Controls from the XBBR2, you will be able to adds the bass that's missing. Even when listening to traditionally bass-weak classical, jazz, folk, or Tejano music, you'll finally be able to hear all the good bass you've been missing.

Product Details:

  • Active 2-channel bass restoration processor and line output converter
  • Designed to work with factory and aftermarket audio systems
  • Speaker-level inputs handle up to 30V (225 watts RMS)
  • Low-level RCA inputs handle 150 mV - 2 Volts
  • RCA outputs Provides up to 9.5 Volts of output
  • Adjustable Parametric Bass Controls
  • Adjust center-frequency and width of bass EQ processing
  • Auto turn-on via DC offset or Audio detection
  • Load selection switch (20, 60, or 20K ohms) to prevent factory stereo shut-down
  • 12 Volt turn-on output for aftermarket amplifiers
  • Selectable Ground Isolation switch to eliminate ground and alternator noise
  • Molex terminals for speaker signal and power
  • Wired remote bass level control included
  • LED Clip indicator
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.005%
  • Signal to Noise: >105 dB
  • Frequency Response: 10-20,000 Hz

More Information
Manufacturer NVX
UPC 810021844572
Color See picture
Number of channels 2
Maximum Input Total 225W
Return (Store Credit) period 30 days
Repair period 365 days
Return period 30 days
Exchange period 30 days

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