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7m (22.97 ft) 2-Channel RCA Audio Interconnect Cable | XIX27

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• 7m (22.97 ft) X-Series Twisted RCA
• 2-Channel Interconnect Cable
• Dual twisted-pair construction provides ultimate signal transfer
• Black nylon wire loom prevents chaffing and electromagnetic interference


X-Series: 7m (22.97 ft) 2-Channel RCA Audio Interconnect Cable

NVX XIX27 RCA Cables

Yes, your amp, your speakers, and even your stereo provide you with awesome sound in your car. But you know what? None of that matters if your interconnects are, well, not great. But you already know that, and you already know NVX has you covered.

Check out these XIX27 RCA interconnects. From the twisted-pair cords to the tight-grip connectors, NVX's XIX-series interconnect cables don't just do the job, they make sure you're getting the absolute most from your sound system.

Wired for Sound

 A strong connection is key to make sure your system is delivering the sound it's designed to push. The XIX series' grip connectors make sure that when you plug the cables into your amp's RCA terminals, they stay there. Gotta change out the amp? No problem. While the connectors keep hold of the terminals, the textured ends are easy to grab and disconnect when the need arises.

Built to Blast

Yeah, you'll hear the quality of these cables, but you can also take one look and know you're getting quality interconnects. Oxygen-Free Copper provides a crystal-clear signal, twisted pair cables protect against interference and the black nylon wire loom on top of the flex jacket protects everything underneath while you're pulling wire through tight spaces.

On top of that, the wires and the connectors are all color-coded. You'll never have trouble keeping track of what connects to what because at both ends, you'll be able to tell at a glance. Pick up a set of NVX XIX Series RCAs. Compare these to other brands, they're well worth the investment.

Connect With Confidence

Check it out, we've done the comparison shopping for you! When you compare the quality, the build, and what you're getting for the money, NVX XIX Series RCA cables stretch every dollar without stretching your budget. Here are a few highlights from the features list.

As with all of NVX's products, the new XIX27 X-Series Twisted RCA audio interconnect cable is engineered to the highest quality and standards. The X-Series 2-channel RCA uses Dual Twisted pair Hyper-Flex technology with black nylon braid for better signal transfer and helps prevent chaffing and electromagnetic interference. Continuing with the engineering excellence are the dual injection and nickel-plated split RCA ends for easy installation. When you need quality audio products at a great price, think NVX

Product Features:

  • 7m (22.97 ft) Meter, 2-Channel X-Series Audio RCA Interconnect Cables
  • Dual twisted-pair construction provides ultimate signal transfer
  • EnvyFlex outer jacket makes installation and routing of the cable easy
  • Black nylon wire loom prevents chaffing and electromagnetic interference
  • Satin chrome plated machined zinc alloy ends with our V-Slot Connector design ensures secure connections and aid in installation
  • Color-coded strain relief identifies front-rear/left-right channels
  • 1-Year-Manufactures Warranty

More Information
Manufacturer NVX
UPC 818060010309
Number of channels 2
Series X-Series
RCA cable type Audio
Color Black
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