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VMPY21 3.5mm Y Adapter for VMPREM Wired Waterproof Remote

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The Y-cable is designed specifically for use in marine environments and allows for the connection of two VMPREM wired marine remote controls to a NVX VMPS35 receiver. The cable is fully shielded to protect against interference and is marine-rated, meaning it is built to withstand the harsh conditions of life on the water, including saltwater corrosion and exposure to the elements. This ensures that your remote controls will continue to function reliably, even in the toughest marine environments.

General Features:

  • Marine-rated Y-connector
  • Connect up to 2 wired remotes to your VMPS35 Digital Media Receiver  (Sold separately)
  • Works with VMPREM Wired Waterproof Remote  (Sold separately)