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SDRF20 (Five Sheets of 18" x 32" (20 sq. ft.) Tri-Layer Sound Damping)

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    Revolutionary Tri-Layer Design

    Typical sound damping material is only made up of two layers, rubber and a thin layer of aluminium foil. In most applications, installers will apply an additional layer of foam to further reduce door panel rattle and to increase the seal. The Tri-Layer design of the SDRF20 combines the two products into one. This will increase the ease of installation and speed up the overall process by allowing you to only having to apply one layer instead of two.

    NVX SDRF20 Applications

    At an 1/8 inch total thickness, these self adhesive sheets are perfect for applications on the roof, firewall, floor, quarter panels, doors, and more. This sound deadening kit is built to withstand any application and it can handle -40℉ to 300℉. It will not only reduce sound and vibration, but heat as well. Combine this kit with the NVX SDRLR1 Sound Dampening Rubber Roller for a quick and easy installation.

    Benefits of Sound Damping

    Sound damping material is key to reducing the rattles and shakes in your car. It effectively reduces the amount of road noise that is let in through the thin panels of your vehicle. It also lessens vibrations that are created by playing music through your speakers. It works by adding weight to the desired panel, which lowers the resonating frequency. You will notice by adding this material to your car, your sound system will likely get noticeably louder. If you have subwoofers, this is the perfect kit for your vehicle.

    Product Details:

    • Five Sheets of 18" x 32" (20 sq. ft.) Tri-Layer Sound Damping Adhesive Black Foam Rubber
    • Tri Layer Design: Combines 100% Butyl Rubber, Aluminium Foil, and Foam
    • Total Thickness: 1/8 inch
    • Easy to install self adhesive sheets
    • Built to withstand temperatures of -40℉ to 300&#8457
    • Perfect for applications on the roof, firewall, floor, quarter panels, doors, and more
    • Offers flexible and lightweight construction
    • Reduce rattles and shakes in your car
    • Increase SPL as well as overall sound quality and output of your car audio system
    • Combine this kit with the NVX SDRLR1 Sound Dampening Rubber Roller for a quick and easy installation
    • Dimensions: 18"L x 32"W





    How to Install Sound Damping Properly

    Sound damping can be a very beneficial accessory to reduce noise and vibration. To take full advantage of this soundproofing, read these instructions carefully and follow them till the end. It’s important to familiarize yourself with all the details to install the sound damping correctly. Incorrect installation will result in less than desirable results.

    Step #1

    The first step is to decide which location in your car you want to insulate. These locations include the floorboards, roof, door panels, trunk or firewall. We recommend soundproofing all metal surfaces for maximum sound deadening performance. Next, refer to your vehicle’s service manual for information on how to dismantle the trimming panels. Be careful when removing the panels to avoid breaking the fixing clips.

    Step #2

    Once the trimming is dismantled, remove the remainder of the factory insulation if it is damaged. If it is still intact, there is no need to permanently remove it. Next, you need to properly clean, dry and degrease the prospective surface. Sound deadening won't adhere properly if applied to a wet or dirty surface. Use a metal surface cleaner or degreaser along with a dry, clean rag. Make sure to use gloves and apply the degreaser in a well-ventilated space.

    Step #3

    For this step, measure the prospective surface you are going to treat. To make things easier, make a template of the appropriate size on a large sheet of paper and then transfer it to the damping material. That will make it easier to install it more accurately and avoid wasting material. Use a utility knife to cut the desired shape and size. Be careful and use gloves to protect your hands.

    Step #4

    Place a sheet of sound damping to the surface without removing the protective film. If it covers the surface properly, you are ready to install it. Gradually remove the protective paper film as you apply it to the surface for better adhesion. Once on the surface, press it down firmly until it is set in place. Flatten it with your hands to avoid unnecessary air bubbles. Use a rolling tool like the NVX SDRLR1 to press the mat down to the metal surface. Go across the entire surface with the roller to ensure that the sheet is installed properly.

    Step #5

    Once all sound deadening is in place, simply reinstall all trim pieces and carpet back to its original placement. Now you are ready to enjoy higher sound quality with fewer vibrations.

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