V-Series Amplifiers

Powerful, Compact, & Marine Certified

Water Resistant and Easy to Use

Starting at $169.99
  • Platinum-Plated RCA Level Inputs & Screw Terminals
  • Marine Certified with a Conformal Coated Circuit Board
  • CEA-2006 Compliant Class-D Amplifier
  • 3 Way Protection Circuitry

Water & Weather Resistant

The VAD Line of amplifiers includes a conformally coated, marine-grade circuit board. This allows this amplifier to be installed in nearly any application. They are perfect for not only Cars, Trucks, and SUVs but, also motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, and boats.


A Solution for Every Application

The VAD Series of amplifiers are available in a number of different sizes and meant for a number of different applications. The VADM line are incredibly compact and can be placed nearly anywhere in your vehicle. The larger VAD amps are more powerful and they have RMS power rating all the way up to 2700 Watts RMS for the most powerful of subwoofers.

3-way Protection Circuitry

All amplifiers in this line are designed with built-in 3-way protection circuitry. This will protect your amplifier and your speakers by offering a number of different protections including thermal, overload, and speaker short protection. These help ensure the longevity of the amplifier and your system as a whole.


Platinum-Plated Inputs Terminals

The platinum plating on the RCA level inputs & screw terminals helps prevent corrosion and rust. Other amplifiers without this feature will wear down much more quickly over time and in some cases will become unusable.

CEA-2006 Compliant Class-D Amplifier

Class-D amplifiers like the NVX VAD Line of amplifiers are more efficient, produce less heat, and draw less current than traditional Class AB circuitry.

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