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BOOST Boxes - Save on Space, not Bass

BOOST Boxes - Save on Space, not Bass

Maximize your bass without comprising trunk space with NVX’s BOOST Subwoofer Enclosures. Our line of pre-loaded subwoofer enclosures were custom designed to fit your trunk to take up as little space as possible while generating killer bass.

Painstakingly designed by our in-house engineers to combat the lack of rich and deep bass commonly associated with the factory sound system, each subwoofer was chosen based on the dimensions of each enclosure to ensure optimum efficiency, heat dissipation, and sensitivity.

Most aftermarket subwoofer boxes are typically large and bulky and tend to take up large portions of your trunk or storage area. The BOOST Boxes are finished for a seamless installation to look like they were installed this way straight from the factory. They are the perfect subtle way to add bass to your vehicle while still keeping true to the OEM look.

The BOOST series come with a complete installation package; an amplifier, full wiring kit and NVX’s XLCA2 2-channel line-out converter. With these tools in hand, you have everything you need to upgrade the bass in your vehicle.

Check out NVX’s YouTube for more videos on BOOST Boxes and the Installation Process.

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