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Maximize your bass with VS-Series Subwoofers

Maximize your bass with VS-Series Subwoofers

NVX’s VS-Series Subwoofer pushes a ton of power when it comes to bass. Each sub is meticulously constructed with a non-pressed paper cone and optimized polypropylene dust cap for an accurate response. To help keep the cone in place, we use a high roll blended foam surround giving your subwoofer maximum excursion.

It’s 2.5” aluminum voice coil, giving you maximum current distribution throughout the system. The VS-Series Subwoofers come with dual voice coils, a popular feature amongst car audio fans. This gives installers more versatility on how they want to wire each sub either series or in parallel.

Our VS-Series Subs stand out from the competition thanks to an aluminum shorting ring. This ring is placed in the air gap between the pole piece and the voice coil to reduce inductance for better sound quality. This means less distortion and an overall clearer and more pleasant listening experience.

We use a Y30 High-Energy Ferrite Magnet for the VS-Series Subwoofer for better power transfers. Our largest subwoofers in the series, the VSW152v2 and the VSW154v2, have massive 100oz magnets that can handle up to 750W RMS.

These speakers are hard to beat in performance and price – making them an easy choice for first time installers and long-time audiophiles who want the best bang for their buck.

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