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VC-Series Subs: Max Power and Quality

VC-Series Subs: Max Power and Quality

The VC- Series Subwoofers perform just as well as they look. Described as an “SQL” sub, this subwoofer balances sound quality and bass response (SPL) while housed inside a matte black, diamond-cut, 3D cast basket.

The cast aluminum basket keeps the speaker light and durable. As a non-ferrous metal it won’t interfere with the magnetic energy of the motor and voice coil. Inside this is a pressed paper cone surrounded by a custom high roll foam with stitched nylon to reproduce tight, low distortion bass even at the highest volume. 

High-Temperature Aluminum voice coils and triple stacked motor structure help this sub handle some serious power up to 800 Watts RMS. The dual voice coils also give you many options for different Ohm load wiring configurations. 

Most materials used in commercial subwoofers rip and tear at peak levels. NVX’s dual progressive spiders have been manufactured to prevent it from coming loose. The final improvement is the locking plate that sits atop the spider itself and is screwed firmly in place. This improves the durability and allows for an enhanced Xmax of 22mm.

The construction and design of the VC-Series results in a subwoofer that will outperform a number of other premium speakers on the market, while being priced far below the other competitors.

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