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XDSP28 8-Channel X-Series 15 Band Parametric EQ Digital Signal Processor (DSP) with LCD Display, Built-in Bluetooth and Remote Level Controller

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Product Highlights:

  • Pioneering Audio Processing with Remote Level Control 🎧🎚️: The XDSP28 stands out as the first of its kind in the automotive car audio market with a Remote Level Controller, enabling simultaneous control of all eight outputs. This feature, combined with its advanced capabilities for filters, graphic and parametric equalization, alignment, phase inversion, limiter, and an audio generator, makes it a revolutionary tool for enhancing automotive audio systems.

  • User-Friendly Interface and Versatile Connectivity 🖥️🔗: The processor features an intuitive interface with an LCD display for real-time audio adjustments. It comes equipped with 2 audio inputs (A and B) and 8 independent outputs, allowing users to select the audio source for each output. This flexibility is essential for customizing audio according to individual preferences or specific vehicle needs.

  • Sophisticated Equalization System 🎛️🎶: The XDSP28 boasts a comprehensive equalization system, including a 15-band graphic equalizer with manual tuning and 12 presets for various genres. Additionally, it offers 1 INPUT and 1 OUTPUT Parametric Equalizers for professional-grade adjustments, providing users with detailed control over frequency, gain, and bandwidth.

  • Advanced Crossover and Limiter Functions 🔊📈: This audio processor features a precise Crossover function with customizable frequencies, attenuation rates, and filter types (Butterworth and Linkwitz-Riley). The Limiter, with its Dynamic Attack-Release system, helps protect amplifiers and speakers by dynamically adjusting the Attack and Release parameters, ensuring both security and high sound fidelity.

  • Comprehensive Audio Treatment and Configuration Features 🎼🔧: The XDSP28 excels in audio treatment with functions like High Accuracy Delay, Phase Inversion, Independent Gain by Output, and Master Level. Additionally, it has an integrated Audio Generator for accurate measurements, a Configuration Copy function for output channels, and various management features like Save and Load Settings, Security Password, Marquee/Text Display, and multi-language support (English, Spanish, Portuguese).

Product Details:

  • 15 Band Parametric EQ Digital Signal Processor with LCD Display
  • Built-in Bluetooth for music streaming
  • 2-channels of RCA inputs
  • 8-channels of RCA outputs provide up to 2 Volts of output
  • Designed to work with aftermarket audio systems
  • Rotating control knob allows easily access all menu functions and settings
  • Channel settings can be separate or linked together
  • Fully adjustable High and Low-pass filters
  • Crossover Type: Butterworth and Linkwitz-Riley
  • Selectable filter slopes: 12/24/36/48 dB/octave
  • Time alignment in 0.02 ms increments
  • Phase adjustment: 0 or 180°
  • 12 graphic equalization presets: Flat, Loudness, Bass Boost, Mid Bass, Treble Boost, Powerful, Electronic, Rock, Hip Hop, Pop, Vocal and Pancadao (Heavy Beat)
  • 4 memory slots allow you to save the perfect turning configuration
  • Remote Turn-on Sequencer: Allows sequential triggering of 3 other products through the remote turn-on connection (REM)
  • Integrated Audio Tone Generator, frequency sweep, and Pink Noise
  • Remote Level Controller enables simultaneous control of all eight outputs
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.01%
  • Signal to Noise: >94 dB
  • Frequency Response: 10-23,000 Hz
  • Power supply: 10V-16V DC
  • Dimensions: 7.87" x 3.98" x 1.46"
  • 1-year Warranty from the Original Purchase Date
XDSP28 Owner’s manual

Digital Signal Processor – 2 Input Channels – 8 Output Channels with Built-in Bluetooth and Remote Level Controller

The XDSP28, an automotive DSP audio processor from NVX, is groundbreaking in car audio market, being the first of its kind to feature a Remote Level Controller. This unique addition enables simultaneous control of all eight outputs, offering unparalleled customization and control over your car's sound system. Designed with 2 audio inputs and 8 independent outputs, it allows for the selection of audio sources (A, B, or A+B) for each output.

With an intuitive LCD display, the XDSP28 facilitates real-time audio adjustments. It boasts an integrated 15-band graphic equalizer with manual tuning and 12 preset options such as Flat, Loudness, Bass Boost, and more, enhancing audio customization.

For more advanced tuning, it provides a Parametric Equalizer for both input and output, with gain control and frequency-specific settings for precise sound shaping. The crossover function offers control over cut frequencies and filter types, ensuring optimal sound distribution.

Importantly, the XDSP28 is equipped with a Limiter featuring a Dynamic Attack-Release system, ensuring the safety of amplifiers and speakers while maintaining sound fidelity.

The processor also includes alignment capabilities, High Accuracy Delay, Phase Inversion, and Independent Gain by Output, contributing to a high-quality audio experience.

Its integrated Audio Generator is ideal for accurate sound measurements and adjustments. A unique feature is the ability to copy configurations between output channels, simplifying the setup process.

Additionally, the XDSP28 includes management functions such as saving and loading settings, a security password for parameter editing, a scrolling text display, and multiple language options (English, Spanish, and Portuguese). This makes the XDSP28 a comprehensive solution for enhancing your car's audio system, now with the added innovation of a Remote Level Controller for simultaneous output control.